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Phone 09 970 5599
Video Marketing 2

YouTube is the 2nd Largest
search engine after Google

With over 1 billion visitors each month, YouTube is the
second largest search engine. Have you got presence there?
Video Marketing 3

Beautiful Leaflet Designs
decorated with infographics

Leaflets are handy for quick giveaways and lead
generation purposes. Carefully designed leaflets
can increase leads volume significantly.
Video Marketing 4

Find New Customers
get a video made

Discover your consumers from within the Online Video
market. Get a video made and reach this untapped potential.
YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Can you afford to miss the audience there?

Explainner Video

People use video to learn about products and services. Get your product in front of them by having an explainer vide made by us.

Online Movie Channels

Advertising on TV channels and cinemas is expensive. Why not put your product in front of then while they are watching movies online?

Explainer and Whiteboard Video Making Service in Nea Zealand

Videos offer quicker access to the information and less attention. People prefer watching information over reading. There are 1 billion users on YouTube each month watching video clips, video tutorials and videos for entertainment. If you are looking to take advantage of this vast user base, you will need your content converted into videos. This is where we come in. We make videos so that you can use them your website or on YouTube channel.

Best Talent, Affordable Priced Videos for Business

Trusted People
We have a team of talented people who specialize in creating logos for startup businesses.
Professional Services
We are renowned for our professional services and have a proven track record of developing brand collateral. Our customer service is open 24 hours.
Best Design Company
The turnaround time, quality, and price point makes us the best logo design company.
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Great Service KD from Logo Inn
Exellent service
Landen Collins
Excellent, very prompt, professional service
Exellent service
Great customer service
Exellent service
BeeJay Oke
Awesome Company..and Excellent Customer Service!!!
Exellent service
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Why Logoinn for Explainer Video?

we have been making explainer videos, whiteboard videos, animated videos, tutorial videos and corporate videos since 2009. We offer professional video creation service with voice-over and actors from around the world.

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